Penetration Test

Is Your Company Safe in the Cyber World?


What is Penetration Test?

Penetration testing is an attempt to evaluate the security of an infrastructure by trying to exploit vulnerabilities safely. These vulnerabilities can be found in operating systems, services and applications, misconfigurations, or risky end user behavior. Such assessments are also useful in verifying the effectiveness of defense mechanisms and in adhering to the security policies of the end user.

Penetration testing is usually performed systematically using manual or automated technologies for servers, endpoints, web applications, wireless networks, network devices, mobile devices and other potential points.

Information about vulnerabilities successfully exploited through penetration testing is collected. And this is offered to IT and network system administrators to help professionals draw strategic conclusions and prioritize relevant improvement efforts. The main purpose of penetration testing is to measure the feasibility of systems or end-user reconciliation and to evaluate any relevant consequences that such events may have on the relevant resources or processes.

Penetration Test

Penetration Test Types

    • Black Box Penetration Testing

    The penetration team has no information about the target system in a black box test. The hackers must find their own way into the system and plan on how to orchestrate a breach.Typically, the testers only have the name of the company at the start of a black box test. The penetration team must start with detailed reconnaissance, so this form of testing requires considerable time.

    • Grey Box Penetration Testing

    The testing team has the knowledge of a user with elevated privileges. The hacker knows about:

    • The design and architecture of documentation.
    • Internal structures.

    A grey box pen test allows the team to focus on the targets with the greatest risk and value from the start. This type of testing is ideal for mimicking an attacker who has long-term access to the network.

    • White Box Penetration Testing

    Pen testers have information about the target system before they start to work. This information can include:

    • IP addresses.
    • Network infrastructure schematics.
    • User protocols.
    • System artifacts (source code, binaries, containers).

    Depending on the setup, testers can even have access to the servers running the system. While not as authentic as black box testing, white box is quick and cheap to organize.


What are the Stages of Penetration Test?

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    Planning and Preparation

    Before a penetration test can begin, testers and their customers need to be positioned against the goals of the test so that it can be carried out comprehensively and accurately. They need to know what types of tests they need to run, who will be aware of the test being run, how much information and access testers will have to get started, and other important details that will ensure the test is successful.

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    At this stage, teams make different types of discoveries on their targets. Technically speaking, information such as IP addresses can help identify information about firewalls and other connections. On a personal perspective, simple data such as names, job titles, and email addresses can be very valuable.

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    Intrusion Attempt and Exploitation

    Penetration testers, who are now knowledgeable about their targets, take advantage of security weaknesses and perform the infiltration process. And they infiltrate the environment, showing how deep into the network they can go in the scope of testing. And they exploit vulnerabilities.

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    Analysis and Reporting

    Penetration testers create a report with details on each step of the process, highlighting what was used to successfully penetrate the system, what security vulnerabilities were found, other relevant information discovered, and improvement suggestions.

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    Cleaning and Healing

    Penetration testers should leave no traces and return systems to pre-test, as they can be used by a real attacker in the future. And it should remove any builds used during testing.

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    The best way to ensure that an organization’s improvements are effective is to retest. In addition, IT environments and the methods used to attack them are constantly evolving, so new weaknesses should be expected to arise. Systematic and regular penetration testing should be carried out.