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Visit to BBS Teknoloji from Nigeria State Delegation!

As BBS Information Technologies, our work in the field of cyber security continues rapidly. Increasing cyber attacks in the digital world, especially during the pandemic period, created new requirements. During this period, cyber attacks on states increased. However, ransomware (ransomware) attacks sent to companies have also accelerated. In this direction, BBS Information Technologies aims to prevent these attacks by producing new technologies.

This week, we hosted our guests from Nigeria. Nigerian Police Headquarters Chief of Police responsible for cyber security Mr. Bello and his team were with us. Mr. Two full meetings were held with Bello and his team. In these meetings, Nigeria’s deficiencies and weaknesses in cyber security were mentioned. Mr. Bello expressed their expectations and wishes in this regard.

As BBS Information Technologies, we made the presentation of our product “Atagüç”, which works “NO DATABASE”, which is the first in the world that we received an award in the field of cyber security in Dubai. In addition, our “Vortex Secure” cyber security software, which is also unique in the world with its instant fix feature, was presented.

Mr. Bello; “I want to use such technologies in my own country. Cyber ​​attacks are our big problem as everyone else. In this regard, I would like to say that we are open to joint cooperation with BBS Information Technologies. ” He made statements.

As BBS Information Technologies, Mr. Many thanks to Bello and his team. We would like to announce that we will give good news in a short time.

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