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BBS Technology is a company that develops and delivers next-generation cyber security technologies worldwide. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are constantly working to provide our customers with the latest innovations and most effective solutions. With our customer satisfaction-oriented approach and leadership in the industry, we provide cyber security solutions and services to organizations from various sectors.

As BBS Technology, we serve a wide range of organizations from public institutions to the banking and finance sector, energy companies to critical systems and infrastructure operators, insurance sector to aviation and telecommunication companies. We work with a team of industry experts to understand and meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers.

The scope of cyber security solutions and services offered by BBS Technology is quite extensive. We use the latest technologies to provide customized security solutions for our customers.

With a customer-oriented approach, we, as BBS Technology, strive to fully understand the business requirements of our customers. By providing solutions suitable for their needs, we provide comprehensive support in areas such as risk management, compliance, penetration tests, and security training. In addition, we proactively support our customers by using advanced monitoring and protection systems to continuously monitor security infrastructure, detect threats, and intervene.

As BBS Technology, we not only provide security solutions to our customers, but also offer them forecasts for the future by following technology trends. In order to cope with the rapidly changing threats in the field of cyber security, we are constantly investing in R&D activities. We follow the latest innovations, adopt the best practices in the industry, and work to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and effective solutions.

BBS Technology’s primary goal is to ensure our customers’ data security, protect business continuity, and protect their reputations. To maximize security, we make strategic collaborations with industry-leading business partners. Thanks to these collaborations, we can provide integrated solutions that offer the highest level of protection to our customers by adopting best practices.

As BBS Technology, we constantly strive to be recognized as a leading company in the field of cyber security. Our expert team continuously updates and improves itself to provide the best service to our customers by closely following the latest developments in the industry. We also adhere strictly to ethical values and approach our customers with principles of honesty, transparency, and reliability.

As BBS Technology, we are proud to have earned the trust of our customers as a global leader in cyber security. Among our customers in the industry are established public institutions, financial institutions, energy companies, and telecommunication giants. With the security solutions and services we provide to these customers, we assist them in maintaining business continuity and gaining a competitive advantage.

BBS Technology is a company that stands out with its expertise in next-generation cyber security technologies, customer-oriented approach, and reliability. By offering the latest innovations and effective solutions to our customers, we help them combat cyber threats.





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It evaluates your organization’s resilience at each stage of the attack lifecycle by simulating a safe yet realistic attack using tactics used by real attackers.

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