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In the modern world, data is one of the most valuable assets. BBS Technology’s innovative solution, ATAGUC Safe, offers organizations the opportunity to create their internal data networks and protect them at the highest level. Serving a wide range of sectors from Government and Public Institutions to Telecommunication Companies, from the Energy Sector to the Defense Industry, ATAGUC Safe addresses the prominent needs of the industry.

ATAGUC’s primary objective is to protect the integrity and confidentiality of digital data. With capabilities such as preventing data loss, warding off cyberattacks, and providing access to data anytime, anywhere, ATAGUC guarantees the continuous safety of your digital assets. Furthermore, by ensuring security in data sharing, it prevents your sensitive information from falling into unauthorized hands.

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However, ATAGUC doesn’t just protect against external threats; it also provides protection against internal threats. With its advanced features that prevent in-house data leaks and breaches, organizations can feel secure in their internal dynamics. The features offered by ATAGUC ensure data security is maximized from every angle.

Lastly, one of the most notable features of ATAGUC is its customizability. Every organization has unique needs, and ATAGUC offers tailored solutions to meet those needs. Thus, your data resides in a truly personal digital world, governed by rules you establish.



Protection of Digital Data Integrity and Confidentiality

Ataguc Safe profoundly understands the importance of data integrity and confidentiality in the digital age. The product employs advanced encryption algorithms and protocols to ensure data integrity. This not only protects your data from unauthorized access or external attacks but also guarantees that the data’s integrity is maintained without any alterations during transfers or storage. Furthermore, with its advanced access control mechanisms, it ensures that only authorized users have access to specific data, thereby ensuring the highest level of data confidentiality.

Prevention of Data Loss

Data loss can result in significant costs, operational disruptions, and reputational damage for an organization. Ataguc Safe is specifically designed to minimize this risk. Its continuous data backup features ensure vital information is consistently kept safe. Moreover, it’s equipped with advanced detection systems capable of identifying potential data loss situations and automatically implementing preventive measures. This assists in preserving your data integrity, both during unforeseen hardware failures and during cyberattacks.

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Security of digital data

Advanced Encryption Protocols

Secure File Sharing

Customizable Access Controls

Set Up Your Private Data Network for Your Company

Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

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Frequently asked


Most asked questions about Ataguc Safe
Ataguc Safe is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution developed by BBS Technology. It offers organizations the opportunity to establish their internal data networks and protect them at the highest level. It provides superior protection against both internal and external threats, with a focus on data integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility.
Ataguc Safe serves a broad spectrum of industries; it’s ideal for government and public institutions, telecommunications companies, the energy sector, and defense industries. In essence, it’s suitable for any sector that requires the protection and management of digital data.
Ataguc Safe prioritizes data integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility. It ensures top-tier data security with features like advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, automatic data backup, and real-time threat monitoring.
No. The primary goal of Ataguc Safe is to ensure data privacy and security. Your data is only accessible by authorized users and is never shared with third parties.
Ataguc Safe features a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Additionally, it comes with a detailed user manual and customer support, further simplifying the installation and usage process.

What are the aims of the project ?

Security of digital data
Storage of data in local and digital media
Preventing data loss
Preventing cyber attacks
Ensuring data security against both internal and external threats
Providing the opportunity to access data whenever and wherever you want
Ensuring secure file sharing (preventing data from falling into the hands of third parties)



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