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One of the World’s 50 Best Innovation Companies!

As BBS Information Technologies, our goal is always ahead. Our adventure, which started as two young brothers, progressed more professionally over time and continued by taking our teammates with us. Maybe we we...

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Types of Hackers

How many types are hackers divided into? 1: White Hat White hat hackers find vulnerabilities in systems and report them to the authorities. They even help to close gaps by working for companies or public organi...

Cyber Security

Companies Getting Hacked

In 2018, data breaches increased by 424%, but the number of leaked data decreased by 1 in 5. So we mean that; More organizations have experienced data breaches but less data was stolen. The reason is actually v...

Cyber Security

StalinLocker Ransomware

StalinLocker ransomware gives victims time to enter the correct code within 10 minutes. If you enter the code incorrectly, it will mercilessly delete all the files on your hard drive! The ransomware discovered ...

Cyber Security

What is a Phishing Attack?

It is a type of Internet fraud that aims to steal the user’s account information by creating a copy of your bank, email, social media account, or an organization’s web page that requires you to ente...

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Artificial Intelligence And Security

At its simplest level, machine learning is defined as “the ability to learn without programming for computers”. Using mathematical techniques in large data sets, machine learning algorithms mainly c...