Company Culture

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    We communicate with you easily and meet your needs easily.
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    We determine the right solutions for you.
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    We build the system for you with our professional teams.

Our Promise

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    By working with BBS TECHNOLOGY, you never have to pay for non-monies.
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    Your project or service is ready on the promised date.
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    You will receive full support in case of any problem.

Our Mission

BBS Technology, with its innovative and technological solutions, aims to support the management of organizations by using information-supported data, and to present the next generation technologies to the world market with a high share.

Our Vision

To produce products and services in national and international quality standards,To develop and present innovative solutions based on advanced technology information systems in order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises,
Instead of creating opportunities only from market expectations, accepting continuous change as the main philosophy, creating continuous development and new expansions for the market,
To be among the top software companies of the world and to present our products and services to the international market,
To be a corporate software company that produces and branded software with strong scientific infrastructure and innovative technology infrastructure,
To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with continuous improvement,

Here are a few values

In order to provide clear answers to your needs and benefit, we develop and apply different, different, new ideas in our products and services.

We set out to meet our customers with the best service quality, our priority is the happiness of our customers.

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    We use technology effectively to provide quality service and useful products to you.
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    We are in a management approach that aims to increase the values ​​we create to the future healthier.
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    Human Oriented
    Our most important capital is our human resources. Our management approach is based on respect for human beings.
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    We approach and imagine our business from a broad perspective, and approach with different solutions and new ideas.