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BBS Technology emphasized that cyber-attacks are no longer solely targeted at nations, drawing attention to the rapidly increasing attacks on critical infrastructures and global corporations. On June 15, 2023, the company released a significant press statement to the Turkish media on this matter.

Bedir Sarı, Co-founder and CEO of BBS Technology, stated in the press release: “We are witnessing a rapid increase in attacks targeting critical infrastructures and global corporations. It is vitally important to establish an appropriate defense strategy against these threats.”

At BBS Technology, we are committed to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity. Since 2018, our company has been offering protective and effective solutions against cyber threats in various sectors, especially in the finance and IT sectors following the Russia-Ukraine war.

As BBS Technology, with our innovative strategies and protective approaches in cybersecurity, we occupy a leading position in both the Turkish and global market. Our company takes on a pioneering role in data security, preventing digital data loss, vulnerability analysis, cybersecurity monitoring, and the establishment of early warning systems.

As Bedir Sarı highlighted, “It is vitally important for every organization to establish an appropriate defense strategy against cyber threats.” BBS Technology stands by the Turkish business world with its wealth of knowledge and expert team, working to increase awareness in cybersecurity.

With this press release, we invite all organizations and individuals who wish to learn more about developments, strategies, and solution suggestions in cybersecurity to visit the official website of BBS Technology.

We would like to reiterate as BBS Technology that cybersecurity is not just a technological issue; it also requires a strategic approach. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our country and our business world are more aware and prepared against cyber threats.

BBS Technology Communication Department

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