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One of the World’s 50 Best Innovation Companies!

As BBS Information Technologies, our goal is always ahead. Our adventure, which started as two young brothers, progressed more professionally over time and continued by taking our teammates with us. Maybe we were very tired and worn out during this period. But right now we are in a moment that we say is worth it. We were invited to the Dubai Technology Summit organized by Intercon. Moreover, we were deemed worthy of an award by being among the top 50 innovation companies in the world.

The summit, which will be attended by world giants such as Facebook, IBM, Instagram and Google, is a proof of how well we are doing the righteous deeds we are happy with flying our flag. Nobody should doubt that we will represent our country in the best possible way.

I am sure that this summit will add a lot to us and expand our vision. Maybe we will take the first step to add new ones to our existing projects. This summit will give us the determination to work harder. It will give hope to our young people like us. With our software that we will introduce in Dubai, we will show the whole world what the youth of our country can do.

Our country will no longer be a consumer society but become a producing society. It will not be a technology hungry society, but a society that produces technology and exports it to the world. The understanding of technology in our country will of course change over time, and it will make us more than happy to have a little contribution in this.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in this regard. Our determination to work will increase exponentially with each passing day without decreasing.

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