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Types of Hackers

How many types are hackers divided into?

1: White Hat

White hat hackers find vulnerabilities in systems and report them to the authorities. They even help to close gaps by working for companies or public organizations. White hat hackers are needed day by day.

Today, these people are also called “Ethical Hackers”.

2: Black hat

Black hat hackers, on the other hand, act in the exact opposite of white hat hackers. They carry out damaging activities such as information theft, fraud, terrorism, deliberate destruction by circumventing security systems without permission. They can do this by remotely accessing a computer or hacking a software. Black hats that break software are called “crackers”.

3: Cracker

They are the people who break the copy protection of the software and prevent it from being used without permission. They are experts in programming and may not have knowledge of network security.

4: Gray Hat

They are hackers wandering around the limit of legality. Sometimes they have good intentions, and sometimes they can engage in illegal activities specific to black hats.

In other words, they are impartial persons. They can report the deficit of the System and request Money without permission.

5: Hacktivist

Persons who engage in hacking to raise a social or political problem

6: Lamer

They are hacker wannabe who have no knowledge of hacking, who try to show off with a few terms learned and a few simple programs that they got their hands on.

7: Script kiddie

Although they are not hackers and unlike lamers, these knowledgeable people are among the most dangerous hackers in the digital world. Script kiddies often use the information they obtain to attack and damage systems / individuals and for malicious purposes.

8: Phreaker

They provide free calls by hacking phone lines rather than computers.

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