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What is a Phishing Attack?

It is a type of Internet fraud that aims to steal the user’s account information by creating a copy of your bank, email, social media account, or an organization’s web page that requires you to enter information. The term “Fishing”, which means “fishing” in English, is replaced by the letters ‘ph’ instead of the letter ‘f’, inspired by the idea that you can catch at least one fish when you throw the fishing line.

For example, a copy of the login screen of your social media account is sent to you by e-mail and somehow you are asked to enter your username and password. If you carelessly send this information by typing in the input boxes on the page, the code hidden in the page sends the information you enter to the fraudsters.

What information is stolen by the phishing attack?

With this method, fraudsters aim to capture information that is important to you, such as your credit card, bank login information, passwords, account numbers, social media account information.

Phishing by e-mail

Scammers send you a copy of the web page of the institution they are targeting. On the page that appears as an innocent information mail, there is a section asking you to login. If you carelessly enter your user information on this login screen, your information will fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Another phishing attack made by e-mail is carried out by an information mail sent over a domain that is very similar to the web address of the target institution. When you look carefully at the sender information, you can immediately see that 1 or 2 letters are different.

eg: [email protected]

A second letter “k” at the end of the word akbank can result in your banking information being captured by fraudsters in a careless moment.

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