Purple Team


What is BBS Purple Team?

At BBS Technology, our Purple Team services aim to maximize your organization’s cyber security posture. This service brings together our attack (Red Team) and defense (Blue Team) capabilities to comprehensively assess your cyber security status and develop strategies to strengthen your security.

Our Purple Team approach provides the most comprehensive and effective protection against cyber threats. This service combines our Red Team and Blue Team capabilities to identify vulnerabilities in your information systems and determine the best defense strategies to address these weaknesses.

BBS Purple Team

BBS Purple Team works collaboratively by combining the Red Team and Blue Team capabilities to maximize your organization’s cybersecurity. This service ensures that vulnerabilities discovered by the Red Team are quickly and effectively remediated by the Blue Team.

BBS Technology’s Purple Team services continuously monitor and enhance your organization’s cyber security posture in a world where cyber threats are constantly changing and evolving. This approach continuously strengthens your security and best protects your organization against potential cyber attacks. Our Purple Team services ensure your safety in the digital world.


Purple Team Methodology

  • purpleic-1

  • purpleic2
    Threat Modeling and Simulation

  • purpleic3
    Developing Defense Strategies

  • purpleic4
    Implementation and Improvement

  • purpleic5
    Review and Reporting


What are the BBS Purple Team Benefits?

  • Comprehensive Security Analysis: The Purple Team brings together the capabilities of the Red Team and the Blue Team to holistically evaluate your organization’s cyber security status. This allows you to more accurately identify threats and vulnerabilities and develop more effective defense strategies.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Purple Team approach continuously monitors and enhances your security status. This allows you to establish a continuous line of defense against cyber attacks and respond more quickly and effectively to potential threats.
  • Risk Minimization: The Purple Team helps you take a proactive stance against cybersecurity threats. This allows you to manage and minimize risks more effectively.
  • Cost Savings: Purple Team services prevent the financial damages that potential cyber attacks can cause. Also, by ensuring more effective security management, it prevents unnecessary security investments and provides cost savings.
  • Reputation Protection: Cyber attacks can harm not only your financial assets but also your organization’s reputation. Our Purple Team services protect your brand reputation by building a strong defense against cyber threats.
  • Legal Compliance: BBS Technology’s Purple Team services ensure your organization’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This prevents potential legal issues and ensures the continuity of your business.