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Companies Getting Hacked

In 2018, data breaches increased by 424%, but the number of leaked data decreased by 1 in 5.

So we mean that; More organizations have experienced data breaches but less data was stolen. The reason is actually very clear; The smarter we get, the smarter cyber attackers get too. Instead of struggling for long periods of time to make big profits from large organizations with the equipment and experienced personnel they need, they choose smaller goals for themselves and achieve their goals easily.

There were reports of 12,449 new data leaks reported in 2018, a huge increase compared to the previous year. The average number of stolen data is 216.884, one fifth of the previous year. This data is taken from the 4iQ “2019 Personal Data Breach Report,” and according to the report, cybercriminals are increasingly attacking them using more sophisticated tools and selecting organizations that are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

Many large organizations reviewed the data collection methods after the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), took measures to protect themselves and their data from attacks, and started to do everything in their power to protect themselves from the penalties of non-compliance with the law.

Small and medium-sized organizations, on the other hand, have become the main target of attackers, as they lack budget, personnel and equipment to take the same steps.

If you’ve ever thought, “Why should they hack us when there are so many big organizations?”, Now is the time to change that mind, because now you are definitely the target.

Cryptolocker (ransomware) and BEC (business e-mail theft), which have been increasing since the beginning of the year, have badly affected many individuals and organizations. Keep in mind that it is not enough just to have information on these issues, and all employees of the organization should be informed about cyber security awareness.

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