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What is Malware? What are the types?

The development of technology in today’s world has brought many advantages along with its disadvantages. While the digitalized world allows us to perform our tasks more easily, it also creates the need to secure these processes. In our modern world, cybersecurity is the common point of all technologies.

Malware, a type of cyber attack, is a malicious software that infects computers and can perform actions without the owner’s permission, such as stealing data. There are many types of malware, including:

Ransomware: It is one of the most popular types of cyber attacks nowadays. Attackers take control of computers using various social engineering and phishing methods. They then encrypt the data on the computers and demand a ransom. Even if the victim pays the ransom, there is no guarantee of complete recovery from the attack. The most popular method of integrating this malicious software into computers is through fake email accounts. The target is lured into opening an email that appears to be from a government institution or a bank. Therefore, not opening emails that you are unsure about is one of the simplest security measures to take.

Trojan: Trojan, also known as a Trojan horse, hides itself until the right moment to launch an attack on systems. It can disguise itself as an application. Therefore, it is important to ensure that games, software, or applications downloaded to your phone or computer are secure before downloading them.

Worms: Worms are malicious software that enter computers through vulnerabilities or weaknesses and replicate themselves without requiring any action. Their goal is to spread rapidly across the network and take control of systems.

Bot: Bot is a malicious software that operates as a computer program and can be controlled by multiple external sources. These malware aim to gather various information through web-based programs such as chats. Other malicious software may be required to carry out this type of attack.

Rootkit: Rootkit is a type of malicious software designed to remotely access and control a computer. The goal is to infiltrate the computer without being detected by users or security software, if present. If a rootkit attack is successful, data can be stolen, all operations within the computer can be performed, files can be executed, and different types of malicious software can be installed. Rootkit attacks can be carried out by exploiting vulnerabilities or security gaps.

This malicious software can enter computers either through a Trojan or a program downloaded to the computer. Its purpose is to collect data and monitor browser history. Therefore, it is a dangerous type of malware. Through this malicious software, your computer’s security settings can be altered, opening the way for different malware attacks.

So, how can you detect a malware attack? Here are a few tips:

  • If your computers are running slow.
  • If the firewall and security software on your computers are disabled.
  • If you receive unfamiliar error messages.

If you notice any of these signs, you may suspect a malware attack.

To avoid falling victim to such cyber attacks, it is recommended to regularly perform penetration testing and seek support from experts in the field.

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