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What is MITM Attack?

With the advancement of technology, the cyber world has grown in parallel, resulting in a wide variety of cyber attacks. One of the most popular and commonly used attack types is the Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack. In a Man-In-The-Middle attack, the communication between two connections is intercepted with the intention of eavesdropping on the communication, capturing […]

What is Password Attack?

Cyber security has become an increasingly important issue in today’s world, demanding more emphasis. Whether on a personal or corporate level, cyber security applies to every aspect of technology, and it has gained even more attention during the pandemic period due to the rise in cyber attacks. Password attacks are one of the commonly employed […]

What are Dos DDos Attacks?

As known, the world of technology consists of various subcategories. However, despite being divided into different subcategories, all technologies have a common point, which is security. Especially in today’s world, with the impact of the pandemic, the increasing cyber attacks are putting companies and organizations in a difficult situation. One of the most popular types […]

What is Malware? What are the types?

The development of technology in today’s world has brought many advantages along with its disadvantages. While the digitalized world allows us to perform our tasks more easily, it also creates the need to secure these processes. In our modern world, cybersecurity is the common point of all technologies. Malware, a type of cyber attack, is […]

Types of Hackers

How many types are hackers divided into? 1: White Hat White hat hackers find vulnerabilities in systems and report them to the authorities. They even help to close gaps by working for companies or public organizations. White hat hackers are needed day by day. Today, these people are also called “Ethical Hackers”. 2: Black hat […]

Companies Getting Hacked

In 2018, data breaches increased by 424%, but the number of leaked data decreased by 1 in 5. So we mean that; More organizations have experienced data breaches but less data was stolen. The reason is actually very clear; The smarter we get, the smarter cyber attackers get too. Instead of struggling for long periods […]

StalinLocker Ransomware

StalinLocker ransomware gives victims time to enter the correct code within 10 minutes. If you enter the code incorrectly, it will mercilessly delete all the files on your hard drive! The ransomware discovered by MalwareHunterTeam plays the soviet national anthem mp3 audio file copied to the UserProfileAppDataLocal directory when executed. The malicious ransomware duplicates itself […]

What is a Phishing Attack?

It is a type of Internet fraud that aims to steal the user’s account information by creating a copy of your bank, email, social media account, or an organization’s web page that requires you to enter information. The term “Fishing”, which means “fishing” in English, is replaced by the letters ‘ph’ instead of the letter […]

Artificial Intelligence And Security

At its simplest level, machine learning is defined as “the ability to learn without programming for computers”. Using mathematical techniques in large data sets, machine learning algorithms mainly create behavioral models and use these models as a basis in the future. So, what are the machine learning applications in the field of information security? In […]